CPS Workshop

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Cyber-Physical Systems are engineered systems comprising interacting physical and computational (i.e., cyber) components. In a Cyber-Physical System (CPS), communication, computation, control, cognition and sensing converge to create new technologies for a smarter society. The area of CPS represents intersection of several systems trends, including real-time embedded systems, distributed systems, control systems, and networked wireless systems. CPS is a disruptive technology that has potential to transform existing industries such as Energy, Healthcare, Transportation, Building and Process Control, Critical Infrastructure, Emergency response, Defense, ICT, and Agriculture, create new ones, and rearrange the status quo in all industrial sectors. Finally, the advances in CPS technologies will help us realize the vision of “smarter planet”.

This workshop brings in internationally-renowned experts and eminent researchers from academia and industry. The experts and researchers will be delivering talks on different aspects of Cyber-Physical Systems and discussing the broad applications and open challenges of CPS in the panel sessions.