The main goal of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) innovation hub at IIT Hyderabad is to create, develop and proto-type ideas for a smarter planet. The CPS innovation hub project has received Rs. 17.6 Crores grant from the Dept. of IT, Govt. of India, for pushing frontiers in CPS application areas.

CPS brings the convergence of Sensing, Communication, Computation, Control, and Cognition. This inter-disciplinary project has a team of faculty from CSE, EE, Civil, Mechanical, Bio-Medical, and Liberal Arts departments working in various aspects of CPS. As part of this CPS hub, we are investigating issues related to Green ICT, Smart Cellular Networks, Green buildings, Smart Grids,Smart Structures, Humoniod, Snake, and Worm Robotics, and CPS for health care. The main objective is to do research, develop, and engineer Cyber-Physical Systems that will help us to realize the vision of "Smarter Planet" and have huge impact on Indian Society and economy in the following challenging application areas:

  • Green CPS: R&D in Green buldings, Green ICT, Green Communication Networks, Smart Cellular Networks, and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
  • Autonomous Networked Humanized and Snake robotic systems for work in dangerous and inaccessible environments and assistive devices to provide healthcare and safety services for elderly/people with disabilities.
  • Medical CPS: Personalized Healthcare Systems, Robotic surgery, and Healthcare services for Rural India.
  • Smart structural monitoring and control using sensor, actuator, and ICT technologies.





Convergence, Communications & Broadband Technology (CCBT),
Department of Electronics and Information Technology,
Ministry of Communications & Information Technology,
Government of India.